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Power Outage Update

On October 11, 2014, there was an underground electrical fire at the intersection of 8th Street and 5th Avenue. As a result, power to the area has affected the electrical services. Triumph will be temporarily closed until the power is restored. Staff are encouraged to check back here, our facebook page or contact Brad, Steve or Peter for updates. (last updated 5:19pm, October 13, 2014)

Triumph EPCM Ltd. is a solid industry leader ...

Triumph EPCM Ltd.  specializes in the development and design of new technologies for the Oil and Gas Industry of Western Canada. As an engineering, procurement and construction management company, Triumph EPCM is dedicated to providing excellence in new technologies, pilot plants, carbon capture and water/waste treatment projects. Moreover, Triumph EPCM has successfully executed numerous projects in the Oil and Gas Industry and affirms its dedication to client relationships and commitment to exceptional quality service.

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